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Removable Adhesive Vinyl (13mil)

Social Distancing Floor Stickers & Decals

  • Step 1: Choose a pre-made design.

  • Step 2: Email your request to us.

  • Step 3: We’ll print and ship it.

Help remind your customers and employees to keep a safe distance with these easy-to-see safety decals. Made with digital vinyl for extra durability and protection and with removable adhesive to avoid leaving any residue. They can be placed in any location, both inside and outside your facility.​


Scratch-Proof and Non-Slip

Our extremely durable floor stickers are safe and durable. They have a matte washable surface that doesn’t get slippery when wet.


Health & Hygiene Decals/Labels


Communicate good hygiene practices to your customers and employees. 

Health and Hygiene Decals

Social Distancing Decals

Social Distancing Decal GIGPRINT.png

Designed for both indoor and outside use.

Social Distancing Decal GIGPRINT 02.png
Social Distancing Decal GIGPRINT 03.png
Social Distancing Decal GIGPRINT 04.png
Social Distancing Decal GIGPRINT 05.png
Social Distancing Decals

Food & Delivery Decals

Food and Delivery GIGPRINT 03.png

Our vinyl labels will stick even when they encounter outdoor elements such as rain, heat, and cold. 

Perfect as takeout or delivery stickers.

Food and Delivery GIGPRINT 02.png
Food and Delivery GIGPRINT.png
Food and Delivery GIGPRINT 04.png
Food & Delivery Decals

Table Decals

Table decals serve as signage to protect the health and safety of the customers.

Table Decals GIGPRINT 03.png
Table Decals GIGPRINT.png
Table Decals
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